oth 2/12/08

@Trace86 (5033)
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February 13, 2008 7:40pm CST
I thought last night's episode was good. I loved Owen the bartender telling Brooke that she was too young for him and also when he told her she could never end up like her mother because she has friends. I was proud of Quentin for defending Haley from that creep. (Yes I know that was K-Fed). Mia, Kate Voegele, has an amazing voice! After the show I found the song and downloaded it for my iPod. If Nathan sleeps with Carrie, the nanny, I will drive to Tree Hill and kick his butt myself. Mouth really earned my respect when he told Alice, the boss, that they were over, even though he knew she would fire him. Can't he sue?
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17 Feb 08
I loved the episode to the point that when I was over I was having a fit and screaming... "I AM NEVER WATCHING THIS SHOW EVER AGAIN". LOL The ending really had me mad, but the friggen previews for next weeks got me even more. Did he seriously say "Lindsay will always be my number 2?" Oh and I was so happy when Nathan turned off the light on Scary Carrie. How psycho is she?? Ummm but I still believe he is in for trouble because he could say something to Haley. And whats up with Haley getting mad at Nathan... Ummm he did try to defend you and he did back away. OH and I am with all of you (B)itchToria not telling Brooke she loves her too. How horrible.