Sarah Conner Chronicles

@shymurl (2768)
United States
February 13, 2008 8:28pm CST
Is anyone watching the Sarah Conner Chronicles? I wasn't to big on the Terminator movies, but i'm really enjoying the tv series. Right now i'm trying to catch up on them with my tivo, so i've only seen the first three episodes. Hope it continues to intrigue me as the season progresses.
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@redfang (969)
22 Feb 08
well i've only just started watching the series here in the uk as the first episode was aired last night on virgin1. i'm watching it now as i type and i must admit i am pretty impressed with it so far, i expected some kind of lead in story but instead it got straight into the action which i love. i know for certain i will be watching every single episode of the series as it comes. i just hope that it doesn't get silly or anything and it stays along the lines of the movies, but it looks like a great section of history between judgement day and terminator 3. I think that they picked a perfect actress for sarah conner she really does the role justice and i've seen her in a few films as well so she's not like she's a new face who no body knows about. i am expecting very good things from this series and i can't wait for the rest of it to come, just wish i didn't have to wait a week at a time to see the next episode.