Is buxto change its payout way ??????????

February 13, 2008 10:18pm CST
what is alertpay ? Is it better than paypal ???? why buxto change it ? ????I am puzzled ! I don't know wether i should apply for a alertpay or not , because i just have $ 1.8 in buxto , or i should stop it ? Pls give me some suggestions , pls , thank you in advance !!!!!
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@luanakent (795)
• Brazil
14 Feb 08
paypal and alert pay are similar. If you do paypal PERSONAL account is free of charge. A personal account alert pay charge 1 US$ by transaction. The premier paypal account collecting a percentage is more expensive than the percentage charged by Personal alert pay Look: Paypal personal you receive US$ 0, take 0,50 you receive us$ 100, take 100 $ ************************** Paypal premier:(2,9% +0,30$) you receive 0, take..0,18 You receive 10,00............." ..9,41$ you receive 100,00............" " ..96,8 ALERT PAY Personal:-( 1 dollar by transaticon) you receive...US$ 0, take...NOthing you receive...US 1,00.........." nothing you receive US$ 10,00..........." 9$ you receive 100, take..99,00 Alert pay Premium( 2,5 % +0,25) you receive.0,50...............yu take $ 0,24 $ yu rceive...1, take...0,72 you receive..10,00..............." 9,50 you receive..US$100, take..97,25
@yellows (245)
• Malaysia
14 Feb 08
i heard that alertpay now removed that $ 1 per transaction for personal account. means that you withdraw $ 10 and you will get exactly $ 10 ( only work for personal acc ) premier and secred acc maintain same .
• Brazil
14 Feb 08
WHAT good news. But i dont know..i will see there.
@elisa812 (3033)
• United States
20 Feb 08
I'm having the same problem right now. I don't use alertpay, but I am so close to payout on that I'd hate to quit now. I don't really know much about alertpay yet, so I think I'm going to wait and see what other people's experiences are with it and then decide before I ask for my payout.
• India
16 Feb 08
i know eben im in a fix about this what to do i have 5 doller n dont know what to do now has ny1 tried it till now