men are fools

@mulau2u (1459)
February 14, 2008 1:53am CST
I just read the sentence really attracted me, its about "Men are fools.They will do anything for the women they love, even if that love is unrequited. Sadly, women tend to take advantage of this". Huh..really! but, not all women and men do like that. Related of this sentences I remember part of lyric in the song I ever heard before "when you love someone, You'll do anything and deny the truth".Oh..heavenly of course. Specially, for this coming very soon a great "Valentine Day". So, what say you if someone do anything for you?
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@lenore77 (15)
• Brazil
15 Feb 08
I have someone who does anything for me. So I can say that it's lovely and dull at the same time. In the beginning it's really likeable, but if you feel that the person is becoming a slave (!!!) or something, it begins to get boring. I can't say I DON'T enjoy this, I would be a hipocrite if I said that. but honestly I say this is not good if exaggerating.
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@CanadaGal (4304)
• Canada
14 Feb 08
I can't be one of those women who takes advantage of a man. It's just not in me; my self conscience would get to me too much. I know this, because I recently had the opportunity to do so. I was dating a man who was crazy about me. He had money, he had a 4 bdrm home he owned, he had an excellent factory job with benefits, he had his own vehicle, he had zero dependants, etc. He was always wanting to buy me things and take me out and do me favours (help with repairs around the house, etc), and for ME that was a total turnoff, because I wasn't that into him. If I had a different personality type, I could have totally taken him for a ride. I could have continued to have him take me out and buy me things, etc, and just kept him wrapped around my finger. And now I can see how easily some women can do this. I am also glad that I am not one of "them".