Secret of happiness?

@rirbry (353)
February 14, 2008 1:54am CST
Do you got any tip to share with?
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14 Feb 08
hi rirbry, i feel that the secret of happiness is by doing things what others do, give rather than take, love others rather than demanding visit the orphanage, spend some precious time with them, see then happy & you will surely ba happy Reach out to others rather than expect to be reached out back Desire to be a friend,rather to have a friend Express appreciationthen expect it from others, relieve others suffering, than thinking only of your sufferings Pray god bless others than asking god to bless you think of others always forget yourself in doing thngs to others Besides all Love others & all the rest will atomatically follow...
• Philippines
14 Feb 08
yeah cindrel your right at all times, secret of happines is not seen in you, in your contentment with in your self but rather in the good things and happiness that you share to others that they are really need/those who really needed.If you made good to many then you will be happy.If you share your help to the one who need a help then you will be happy.
@dpk262006 (56473)
• Delhi, India
27 Feb 08
To remain positive and optimistic as much as I can. To get rid of negative thoughts coming in mind, not to listen to critcism of others. To feel happy in my heart.
@balasri (26553)
• India
26 Feb 08
Don't refuse to be happy easily.Don't strain to find the happiness.It is sprinkled everywhere.Open your heart and eyes to savor it.
• Japan
23 Feb 08
secret of happiness????????? be contented of what you have and don't expect too much from others in return of what you gave.
• Kenya
23 Feb 08
There are alot of different kinds of happiness so i believe the topic is broad. On my family level, i find making your spouse happy will also increase your happiness, and when they aren't happy you are sure to be gloomy too! In friendship term, i usually take care of my happiness and don't leave it to others to control it. If i can be happy with myself, then nobody else can take it away from me. On financial issues, spend less than you earn and save/invest for the future.
@yannycui (377)
• China
22 Feb 08
Were you ever happy? If you were, then you must know the secret. Don't be greedy to anything. Greedy person is difficult to be pleased. I am happy when I stay with my families.
14 Feb 08
hey friend who doesn't want to be happy, every one desire to be happy, one may work very hard & get all that the world considers necessary for a happy life. yet none of these things can make is really happy Happiness is something as a person told, " i cried for boots untill i saw a person with out legs.the more things we require to be happy the greater the chances of despire & disapointments There are several people who are not having even the basic needs of life & yet are happy, Happiness is a state of mind, it is easier to achieve, once we learn to be less self centered so as long as we are searching for happiness, we are bound to be unhappy.. as we cease ourself for making happiness our goal, we shall definitely find it. blessed day to you