RE: Just found out: My best friend cheats on her husband!! Please help..

February 14, 2008 8:06am CST
Hi guys. I just wanted you to know what happened with my friend. Her husband find out about her affair with this other man, and she admitted it. He then realized that there is nothing left but to be separated. He realized that the problem was not the affair, but the wife's feelings, that changed and lead her to another man.Now, they are going for a divorce, she moved out and rented an appartment and I think everything is over.. I only hope this is the right decision. What do you think?
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@joyce959 (1562)
• Philippines
14 Feb 08
Hi. I had just read your previous post about this topic. I wonder why she married her husband even if she doesnt love him. Was she forced into marrying him? Is it an arranged marriage by her parents? If that is the case, and she really doesn't love her husband and was just forced into marrying him, then the best thing to do really is to divorce him. I think it is best for her, but not really best for her daughter. Regarding the affair with a man 30 years older than her, if she really loves him, age doesn't matter. But i think she must attend to the divorce issue first so that her relationship with that man will be valid. She must think deeply what she really want. Friends and family can only advice her but only she can decide for herself. Hope everything goes well.
• Cyprus
15 Feb 08
I agree with you, and to answer your question, she married him because she thought he was a good man to live a happy life and get settled, and have kids with. She was so insecure the time they met so it seemed that she made that decision for her own good. Of course he fell in love with her, and I am sure she felt nice with him and they had a good time together..
@ladysakurax (1163)
• Canada
27 Mar 08
I think it is a very wise decision. This relationship cannot cotinue in lies...weddings is about true love and it isn't in this case. That woman was better off with that man she had an affair with and the man isn't wasting his time on this realtionship anymore.
@lynnchua (3416)
• Singapore
16 Feb 08
I think that's a right choice to get divorce if she doesn't love her husband anymore. Its hurting for both of them if they coutinue to live together.
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
14 Feb 08
Well I've always been one to believe that if a relationship isnt working, there is no point in staying in it...Its better to end it peacefully rather than have it go on and on and eventually become a bitter end where nobody benefits from it and too much time has been wasted ya know... best of luck to both of them..
@sam305 (74)
14 Feb 08
If they do not love each other anymore then yea this is the right decision. It is beter to be apart and be happy than together and unhappy.