tell me about e-bay

@katkah (235)
United States
February 14, 2008 9:18am CST
I've been thinking of putting a few things on ebay to sell, but I'm worried that it will be too confusing or time consuming to figure it all out. Has anyone used it before that can help explain things to me. How it works, and the whole thing with shipping it to the person if they buy it and all of that.... plus, what stuff sells the best? I have a pregnant midge barbie still in the box, and I know they took it off the market, so would that sell well? and I have some old mcdonald's toys that never got opened, do people collect those things? I know I'm not going to get rich off of it or anything, but if it isn't too much hastle, maybe I could clean out some of this extra stuff I have around the house & earn a few bucks at least.
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@mortimas1 (150)
• United States
14 Feb 08
Ebay is a great way to make extra money or evena full time income, just like anything else you have to start out as a beginner and learn the ropes, if you are offering good things, then you should have no trouble selling, the only problem is that at the beginning you are a 0 feedback score, so some buyers are wary of this, do not sell your most expensive items first, sell the things where you may only get a few dollars for and let your positive feedback build up, then try to sell the more expensive things... ebay has many tutorials on their site so use them. Also I use Bigcrumbs it is a portal to ebay that lets you recover some of your fees incurred on ebay, check it out here i my profile or go to for a link, it is a good online program to use in conjunction with ebay. good luck
• United States
14 Feb 08
to answer your question about, how do you know when something is sold, you are notified via email and you can check in your myebay tab on the ebay site, ebay is real easy to use, do not feel intimidated.
@shoumik12 (176)
• Bangladesh
15 Feb 08
I have not started selling for stuff on ebay but I'm planning on it after I earn some money on the net and deposit it on paypal for insurance as you need to spend money to list your item at ebay and when you sell it.
@Chey1970 (1193)
• United States
14 Feb 08
I used to do ebay long ago. I mean long ago, I think it was like 8 maybe nine years ago. I moved states and quit ebay. But I have heard now you need a credit card to open an account and of course Ebay gets a percentage of what you sell. Along with a service fee for each item you put up to sell.. But as I said, I don't do ebay anymore, so I can be wrong.