how long did it take you to get to 500posts??

@lala766 (240)
United States
February 14, 2008 11:52am CST
For those of you who have 500 or more posts I wam wondering how long it took you to achieve the 500? I am about to make 100 and 500 just seems so far off. I know its not impossible because many people are there or beyond but I am trying to see how long it took you to get to 500??
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• United States
14 Feb 08
I can't remember for sure at this point. But,I know it was less than two weeks for sure. When I started posting on mylot. I was here basically round the clock. I was suffering sleep loss. So I was quick to get to that point. It's not all that hard once you start to mylot frequently. I am going to but away the 8000 mark next week.
@Liasonfan (1702)
• Canada
14 Feb 08
Hey There! Happy Valentine's Day! It took me about 2 weeks of very 'serious' posting! Or should I say, when I really started posting regularily here at mylot. I really really wanted the extra powers (copy and paste/extra pictures priviliges that comes with this milestone. Happy posting, lala766, I have a feeling you will be joining us here real soon!
@alcazar (762)
• India
14 Feb 08
well..i think it really depends on how much time u give to mylot...if you give perfect dedication to the site and give some quality work i dont think you will take more than a month...
@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
14 Feb 08
Just try to active as you could, participate on discussions almost everyday and make more friends so you could have more options to post. It really depends upon you, as I reached mine for a number of months since I wasn't that active here at first. Just try concentrating first on what's in front of you and not on what's ahead of you, you'll get to be there without even noticing how much time it took you..