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United States
February 14, 2008 1:43pm CST
If you were walking along the road and found some coins lying on the ground, you'd pick it up as you pass by right? I know I do. Over time, the small change adds up. Imagine surfing along the internet, and collecting free money for viewing commercials. Would you stop and watch for a few minutes if you got paid to watch a few every time you visited? Wouldn't it be nice to accumulate some extra cash while you're surfing anyway? Let me show you 10 places I've found to earn some extra money and continue to visit daily. Each is free to join and most are internationally friendly. I encourage you to join as many as you want to collect some free cash of your own. I usually start out at ClixSense and add a few cents to my account balance. I check this site often as they're always adding commercials worth at least one cent and up to $5 each. If you decide to join this one, check it often to improve your account balance. A typical day of clicking here can add from 35 to 75 cents to your account each day. I've been paid by this site 8 times already and have enough to get paid again next month. I used my first payout to upgrade my account for a year and it's really helped me earn more. I joined almost a year ago and have already been paid over $175! I then move on to DailyClicks where they have from 20-40 ads for me to view. I upgraded my account here so I'm earning 2 cents per ad I view, but even free members earn at least one cent per ad. While this site usually has all the ads available at once, I check this site a few times each day in case more are added. I've earn over $40 on this one in only a few months and I'm waiting on my first payout, which is due in a few weeks. CommercialEarnings is next on my list of stops. This site has a fantastic paid to click section. Even as a free member, I've earned over $8 in just a few weeks. The commercials here are worth at least 1 cent each and I have had some that were worth up to 40 cents each. This one has been growing quickly, so I expect to reach the minimum here within the week. This is another site I'll visit again later in the day. I head toward BuxTo next. This site has ads worth one cent each for free members and you can usually pick up at least 10-20 ads each day. I've been with this site for 5 or 6 months now and have already earned over $47. I've already been paid by this site once and have another request pending. Moving along, I visit This is another site that is paying one cent for each ad you view. I haven't been with this site as long, so I'm only halfway to my first payout, but it's building day with consistant 5 minute visits each day. Next, I visit WordLinx. This site also has ads worth at least one cent each. I visit this site a few times each day and collect up to 10 cents each day. I joined several months ago and have already earned over $34. I've already been paid 3 times by this site and I'm working toward a 4th. Next, I visit Clix4Coins. This site gives you $3 just to join and has ads worth one to 3 cents each. They also guarantee at least 4 ads each day. Most of the ads are 2 cents each, even for free members. I check this site at least 2 times each day in case more ads get posted and usually collect at least 10 cents each day from my own efforts. This site has already paid me once and I'm close to requesting a second payout. I've been a member of this site for only a few months and have earned over $38 in less than 5 minutes a day. Bux3 is my next stop. This site is similar to Bux.To and usually has at least 10-15 one cent ads each day. This is an easy way to collect another 10-15 cents a day in less than 10 minutes. ClickBux is another site I visit a few times a day. I can usually find a few paid emails and paid links each day, adding another 5 cents or so to my balance in less than 5 minutes a day. I've been a member of this site for a few months and I'm getting close to my first payout. This site has a lower payout minimum than most of the others, it's only $6.99. AdverCash is the last stop on my list. This site has ads worth up to one cent each and are based on your interests. The number of ads varies each day but it's been providing at least 5 cents worth of ads each day. I've been an active member here for 4-5 months and will reach my first payout soon. To Recap: Visited ClixSense and collected about 50 cents average / day Visited DailyClicks and collected about 60 cents average / day Visited CommercialEarnings and collected about 40 cents average / day Visited Bux.To and collected about 15 cents average / day Visited and collected about 10 cents average / day Visited WordLinx and collected about 10 cents average / day Visited Clix4Coins and collected about 10 cents average / day Visited Bux3 and collected at least 10 cents average / day Visited ClickBux and collected about 5 cents average / day Visited AdverCash and collected another 5 cents average / day As you can see, I've picked up an average of over $2 each day just by visiting these 10 sites. Each site took from 5 to 30 minutes to view the "ads" or "commercials" and it didn't cost anything except a little bit of my time. By visiting these sites each day and referring others, my balances continue to grow and as I reach the sites "minimum balances", I get paid. In some cases I get checks and others pay me via online payment processors. As part time work goes, $2 a day doesn't seem like much for the 2 hours or so that it takes to visit these sites, but this is the amount you can earn thru your "commercial viewing" alone. When you get other Active members to join and view with you, you earn a portion of their earnings too. The more people you can refer, the better your earnings can be, for the same amount of time you put into it each day. This is only a small portion of the sites I've joined that pay me to "watch commercials", but these are some of the Best! The more spare time you have available, the more you can make. Isn't it about time you got paid to watch commercials?
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@sumitsonu (599)
• India
14 Feb 08
wow what a good way to describe all about you do to earn some few extra bucks on the internet.
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• United States
14 Feb 08
Thank You sumitsonu. :)
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@almajoes (54)
• United States
15 Feb 08
Yeah this is a great way to make extra money online. We should get paid for watching commercials and this only benefits and pleases us as we are the consumer and we are taking time out of our schedule to watch these commercials. It is only just fair and right that we get paid.
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