Any ferret owners out there? Or other pet advice?

@lisado (1230)
United States
February 14, 2008 11:31pm CST
I put this under the "friend" topic since basically that is what we are looking for. A new little friend to adopt and bring home. We just haven't nailed down the type exactly. I have been thinking about getting a ferret for quite a while now and the local pet store has a couple that I like at a good price (cage included). What do you think of them as pets? I want your personal stories. I have two sons and a couple of Betas (fish) but no other pets. I was deciding between a ferret and a bunny. I am looking for something easy to get along with, because of the boys, but that still likes to snuggle. Any ideas? Zack could care less (with his level of Autism he has nothing to do with any animals mostly because of the texture of their hair or fur, plus they lick him and he hates that) but Jesse really seems to like small fuzzy animals. Hamsters and gerbils seem to small and snappy to me and they aren't as easy to play with and could easily get hurt. Guinea Pigs are jumpy, like they've had wayyyyyyy to much caffeine. Bunnies and ferrets are a little bigger. I was just wondering if anyone had any stories, good or bad. As a side note, these ferrets have already been nuetered, descented and vaccinated.
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