His4bux Has Been Hacked!

@danzer (2732)
February 15, 2008 3:24am CST
I joined this site with a good number of ads to click. Suddenly, there are no ads. I investigated and here is the report from hits4bux admin: Hits4bux has been hacked. Our ads were being compromised and we are fixing our script so this can no longer take place. Ads may be down for a day or 2. Do not join ad2bank.info, the admin is a notorious hacker running bux sites. They steal paypal and other payment processor accounts from their users and empty their accounts. He/she is known as "pipsta" and ran several sites in the past. Another one of their sites is paytoclick.biz Stay very far away from them, on many forums admins have mentioned about being hacked. Possibly 20 or so bux sites had this happen to them. Their usernames on PTC sites are usually "pipsta" and "stocky" , stay away from these hackers and don't join their sites, as you will have your accounts hacked.
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@alcazar (762)
• India
15 Feb 08
well..dats really unfortunate and fortunate of u becouse you didint have to worked to all in way for a useless site....just be very sure before joining any site or a group
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