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February 15, 2008 9:58am CST
I find that around christmas time, or other holidays, and the time that school pictures come out, that I get a lot of pictures of my friends kids. What are you supposed to do with these pictures? I mean the kids are cute enough but they are not my family. I don't think that you're supposed to put them up on your wall, are you? And my wallet is reserved for pictures of my own kids. What do you do with pictures of kids that you're not related to and don't really know all that well?
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15 Feb 08
I have a scrapbook. I have made pages with my daughter and her friend on one page. It is nice to go back and she look at the times she shared with friends. I have my friends kids pictures in a frame around my house. I don't have them on my wall in this tiny hole I live in. I did in my last apt. I don't take pictures of peoples kids I don't have room for. I also don't give out my daughter's pictures t friends. only family can get them. I save money that way. And I avoid waste in others homes. Plus I don't have the best trust in what could be done with my child's pictures