More excitement in the BB9 House last night (feb 14) Spoilers

@starr4all (2865)
February 15, 2008 10:43am CST
WOW! Can you say wow! This cast is a lot less inhibited. Well, here goes: --Natalie gave Matt a BJ. Yes it was on the live feeds! Too funny! --Alex and Amanda rolled around on the HoH bed half naked. But the rumor going around in the house is either Amanda and Parker are a couple outside of the house or they are into each other in the house and trying to keep it from Alex. --I'm trying to work out who is with who in an alliance but people are backstabbing their alliances and their own couple. So it's nearly impossible to figure out who is with who. --Last I heard on BBad Alex/Amanda, Matt/Natalie(she doesn't know it at the time), and Sharon are trying to get veto to save Parker/Jen. Unfortunately Sharon doesn't realize that Josh has decided when it's time to vote he's going to make her vote out Jen. He's going to threaten her with a possible penalty nomination if they don't vote together. --Some how some rumor is going around in the house that James and Chelsia are brother and sister (according to each other it's not true). That's it for right now. More to come (so to speak).
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