Why Are Frozen Veggies Such Weird Colors? And Why Is Purple Juice Better?

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February 15, 2008 3:23pm CST
Ever notice the color of a frozen green bean? Crayola-stinkin-green. Why is that? Same goes for frozen peas. After they're cooked, they go back to the right color, but man! Looking at a crayon-colored green bean does not do good things to my appetite. Frozen carrots are funny colored too. I don't like carrots anyway, but when they are the Crayola-trademarked Vivid Tangerine, I like them even less. Does anyone like carrot juice? I mean, really. They put that stuff in all kinds of regular juices too! If it's one of those new juices, Harvest Surprise, or whatever, as long as it's not orange I can deal with it. But what's the surprise? I know there's carrot juice in it! I'm just like a little kid when it comes to carrots. If I know it's got carrot juice in it, no way. But if it's purple I'll drink it. Ok, I won't pick em out of my soup, but I only eat em if they're in something or as sticks. I hate baby carrots. They're worse than regular ones. I will sit and cut an entire bags of regular carrots into sticks before I will eat a single baby carrot. I do everything I can not to let my 2 year old know how much I hate carrots, and so far he hasn't caught on. He likes them well enough, and so does my husband, so I guess I'm doing okay for now. Any advice for later? Will he even notice until he's grown? Or at least a teenager... Ah, well. Frozen corn is an odd yellow, too.. O_o
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@laglen (19780)
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9 May 08
Lol I know what you mean with the colors. Freak huh? Carrots we love em. Baby carrots are a ready snack around here. As far as your kid not noticing........ They catch on. But maybe he will love em so much by that time......... I don't eat any seafood an neither will my daughter, this is totally my fault, I snuck in fish sticks and her dad would have her try it, but she just doesn't like it!
@djedtek (232)
• United States
9 May 08
reason ebing is because once a vegtable is frozen your turning everying in into a solid (like liquid and other thinsg contained in the food. also freezer burn is another cause for discoloration. but the purple jucie i have no clue about lol!
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