have you exprience miracle in your life?

South Korea
February 15, 2008 5:47pm CST
i did.. i was in 50/50 chance last year ..i faced death..everbody thinks i wont make it...but thru my faith to GOD it give me miracle...and im still alive.and still recieved a blessings which is my 8 month old baby..have you ever experience MIRACLE OF GOD? plz.share
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@ellie333 (21029)
16 Feb 08
Every day is a miricle, Wow I am so glad you made it. My mother had half of each lung removed when she was seven months pregnat with me and she told me at the time they gave her 50/50 and me 0, but we are both here now me in my forties her in her sixties so I consider that a miracle that I am even her to begin with. I also experienced a journey where my car was stopped from going any further then suddenly was ok again, when I got further up the road there was an awful crash which had the car been not been stopped I would have been involved in. God has his Angels watching over us thats for sure. God Bless. Ellie :D
• South Korea
17 Feb 08
yes,ellie..GOD is always been there for those who believes in him although i dont go to chruch often as long as i know that someone over there,,thanks for sharing god bless..
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@Jemina (5783)
17 Feb 08
I was in a hospital bed November 2007 because of dengue. My platelet dropped to 15. After two transfusions, my platelet still dropped. The doctor already told my friends to inform my family about my situation. But I had faith that I would go out of the hospital alive. After six days in the hospital I went home. Thanks God, I'm alive.
• South Korea
17 Feb 08
yes..GOD was always there if you need him just trust..it was great to know you did the same thing,,thanks..cheers