Fans from Europe or America?

February 15, 2008 10:03pm CST
I find most of the fans are from Asia.So is there anyong who is from Euprope or Europe?
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@Rokugo (1)
• China
23 Apr 08
it's not the time now.for these guys have to get a big place in China first.cos China is the first step for Asian stars to breathe out of Asia.China is a good place to combine many different kinds of culture of Asia and to creat new culture which will represent the culture of US culture repesents the one of America,cos we've touched most of the stars are born from the culture we've touched the,if we want to let the world know much of our Asian stars,we have to creat a new ,a representative culture owner to adervatising our stars,China is just whom they(star makers) need.