Do you like to read books?

February 16, 2008 4:06am CST
How can you spare to read books?
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• Pakistan
17 Feb 08
It is very difficult to spare some one for reading. We are in the busiest age of technology. The audio and visual revolution suffered our reading habit. There are very less readers in compare with the past age. We have no time for reading the books. How ever books have their own value, the student could not go forward with out reading their text books. I could not spare the time for books I give lot of my time to computer or watching tv channels beside my routine work.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
17 Feb 08
If I find an exciting novel I just can't put it down. Therefore I can read a book like that incredibly quickly. I borrow library books and spend one hour reading before I go to bed in the evening. I studied English Literature and had to read many books for that. We were meant to read each book three times and this was easy to do if the book was interesting but if it was dull it was a bit challenging to do. These days I choose what I read and it is often fiction and non-fiction. I often read a magazine whilst I eat a snack and I read a book whilst waiting for a bus or a train.
@shamsta19 (3225)
• United States
16 Feb 08
The key is finding the right book. That book you cant put down. I find once you've done that the time is easy to find because you'll never want to put it down. I love reading so maybe its only my system and it won't work for anyone else but I can't see why not.
@MGjhaud (20672)
• Philippines
16 Feb 08
yes. It's actually my second option if i get bored in my apartment. i will just crash onto my bed and grab my book. my first outlet trying to get out of boredom is sitting in front of my computer. sometimes read an online article but most of the time, i make files. In reading, i spend lots of time for it like for example, i read 10 chapters a day or less. i can easily be engrossed if i can start reading a book hehehe..
@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
16 Feb 08
If a person is interested in the book, no matter what happens, he still find time to read! Desire is the start of everything that human does.