do u believe in spirt?

@shyam221 (519)
February 16, 2008 4:45am CST
see these are real things, n i have witenessed all these things myself, as part of my curosity in between birth n life. i have witnessed people gettting up after they12 hrs of declaring a s dead at funerals. and i believe this after being a post graduate n now working in abroad, but abroad people do practise this evil effects relieving activities. believe me ! if any body wants to witness these things he shoulg go to raja ji national park & kaziranga park in deep to know all this things which the whole world is unaware. let me tell u the truth , if u go to a high performer magician , n will ask this question, he will only smile n say "yes" and nothing much. its my request to the people here not to raise these issues n just go to google n wikipedia for thier knowledge or national geographic for good videos. but dont disscuss at all, its a wrong and ill effect thing as described in the book dedicated to indian death lord " yamraj" named as "moksha aur mritu
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@alienstar (5140)
• India
31 May 08
When we are existing in this world means there should be soem spirit or power behind this true fact and no on ecan deny this isnt it? for each and anything happeneing in thsiw orld, teher is areason isnt it? moreover, without smoke, fire will not come out.Hence, i strogly believe in spirits in thsi world
@neenasatine (2842)
• Philippines
17 Feb 08
hi.. i do believe in spirits since i have a "little" ability to see one and feel their existence... even elementals (i.e. dwarfs, elves) i have a discussion about my ESP... of course at first it was really scary since i'm seeing ghosts and spirits usually in full figure... but not all times...since my third eye is not fully opened yet... it means that my third eye is not yet fully developed...i don't know if it will stop, close or continues to deveolop..i am not really sure...