Ghost and ghost catching instruments--Is it real

February 16, 2008 2:08pm CST
do you all believe in ghosts.. we see in many tv shows some ghost catching teams setup certain instruments like Uv cameras and electro magnetic sensor antennas and many is it real that these instruments can catch ghosts(both visually and audibly)....
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@heathcliff (1415)
• United States
27 Feb 08
The bottom line is we do not know. Using audio and video equipment to look for ghosts seems to get unusual readings at times. Some paranormal "investigators" swear they know what they are picking up but usually by cross referencing with other paranormal phenomenon that cannot be verified. (For instance, an EMF reading is detected at exactly the same spot as a psychic "felt" a ghost.) Far more scientific experimentation and documentation would be necessary to prove any of these paranormal investigation techniques are worthwhile. Unfortunately, far too many ghost-hunters claim to know what they are doing and are more interested in entertaining themselves and others than they are in science.