Two-legged steaks

February 16, 2008 2:43pm CST
I have to say I am very lucky to live in a region that shelters such a great variety of steaks... The only dilemma rests in their respective size and dangerosity level: big steaks feed a larger number of us for longer but can be extremely dangerous and difficult to bring down... Conversely, smaller steaks are easier to kill but they don't allow large family feedings and what they lack in dangerosity, they largely compensate with sheer speed... This is all made even more frustrating since the area where my pride and I live gets periodically invaded by those mysterious and unusual type of steaks... I mean those are bipedal steaks: they normally sit upright in those strange boxes that roll but when they get out and touch the ground, they walk only on two legs. Mind you, there is nothing unusual in walking on two legs: I mean birds walk and run on two legs. But some birds are quite fast on their feet(have you ever tried chasing an ostrich?) and even if they're not, they can fly off whereas those creatures, they seem quite slow and they don't have wings: their forelegs clearly aren't designed for flying. They use them to hold small boxes that make a clicking sound when they put them near their faces. I mean they must be really useless as runners: if it wasn't for those boxes with wheels they use to move about, they would be really easy to catch. I mean, us lions, we always have the eye for a good opportunity... And I don't think those two-legged steaks would put up much resistance once caught. I've wondered what they taste like for a while now: if they are so slow maybe they don't taste that good and aren't very nutritious. But of course, I won't know until I try: I just wish they would get off those boxes more often. I am sure that an opportunity will present itself soon enough... we have been watching those creatures for a long time now: the two-legged steaks are bound to make a mistake.
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