Tupperware....replacement pieces

United States
February 17, 2008 2:11am CST
I have long been a tupperware user. I haven't purchased anything new from tupperware in years b/c it is so exspensive. But I shop on ebay for great buys. I did recently purchase a pretty 1 gallon drink pitcher on ebay, it came looking almost brand new. Just what I wanted. I have long been told that if something breaks that tupperware will replace it for free, that's why it is so exspensive I suppose. Some of their items are must haves, and I do have pieces and gadgets that I have used for years and my kids use them still now that they are grown too. Anyway, I had a tupperware set, the one you can marinate meat in it, it has diamond shape grooves in the bottom on both the lid and the bottom so all you have to do it turn the thing over to marinate. But the top had 2 huge cracks in it, my colors were sort of a brick orange color with a white lid. When I called they kept telling me that the pieces had numbers on them, that all tupperware has a number on ALL pieces. I said look, I am staring at it, only the bottom piece has a number, they acted like I was trying to scam them, but honestly only the bottom piece had the number. So they said yes they would send a replacement, but....the color is called chili, it is not white anymore, and there would be a $4 charge for shipping. I said fine, it will look awful being so mismatched, and why couldn't they send it in white, but I paid the $4. Well....I rec'd the replacement part in about a week or so, but get this...NO NUMBER ON THIS ONE EITHER!! Should I call tupperware and inform them that they sent me a piece that didn't have a number on it after they made such a big deal about the one I called about not having a number? Maybe someone out here in the mylot family is affiliated with tupperware and can advise me or clear this up for me. Also, does anyone know how to go about getting some of those neat "gadgets" without having a party? I know of know one who would be able to buy to bother having a party, but I would love to see a book once in awhile or buy some of the neat gadgets they give as gag gifts at the parties. I am sooooo looking forward to the responses to this one : ) Have a great week my mylot friends!!