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February 17, 2008 9:53am CST
why? why does love seem to hurt so bad? i've been in love with this guy for 1 year and about 5 months now. october 9th 2006 seem like the best day of my life. the day that he came into my life. yes i really do love him . but is it really worth the tears, feelings,or pain anymore? i mean i cant really say im nothing without him, but without him im truly not a lot. he've seen me hurt and he knows exactly what love feels like! at such a young age that we both are i know i may feel like hes all that life is worth or all that i need..but is it too late to prove him wrong?
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17 Feb 08
Hey Britzsofly! I truly feel you on this one. I was once in love awhile back with this guy. I am now in love with this wonderful other guy named Deandre. Anyways when i was in love with my ex Matt I just felt as though without him I wasn't much. I felt like I had to deal with all the pain he cause me and the constant lying because he was all I truly had. I stayed by his side through thick and thin untill I couldn't take it anymore. All the sh** he put me through was not worth it. You are young and beautiful just like me Britt and you don't have to put up with the sh** he does to you because you are bright and beautiful and in the end he'll run back to you. Be wise sweetie because d*** comes a dime a dozen and you deserve better. Wipe your tears and let him know that the sh** is getting old and if he can't change then bye bye because you are young and beautiful and you will find that right one. I know that I have when I left Matt alone God blessed me with someone who truly loved and cared for me. Stay strong Britt!
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18 Feb 08
thanks so much ! im glad people like you are alive. most people will tell me some str8 up lame advice..but thanks to u , i feel much better ! im going to stay strong because i have god by my side. he will need me before i need him , so im not even worried..but thank you soo much !
@celia4evr (209)
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22 Feb 08
Love has to heart, if it didn't it wouldn't be love just more of "like". I have been in a relationship for 4 years and I wouldn't take away all the tears or pain because that it what makes the bond so strong. If the feelings are that strong then go with it girl.