Pattaya these Days

@strogy (131)
February 17, 2008 2:09pm CST
Is there anybody, who's traveling somehow often to the Thailand? To Pattaya actually. The place is changing right before your eyes! Wherever you go, new condominium complex is build, motorway from Bangkok is almost in town and traffic worst than ever. Used to be, that when you walk in the evening to the heart of city, you met drunk yorkshiremen with love in their eyes and bar girl in their arms. These days you need magnifying glass to find funny place, because town is full of russians. No offence, but they are rubbish. They don't talk to anybody else then fellow to russians, they are mostly boring, and what is their trademark, they are arogant. But arogant their way. They don't understand other than russian language. Really, not very popular there, but Pattaya need them, because they are spending fortune, as drunk yorksirmen did years ago. Have you ever met some of them? But back to Pattaya itself. From small "Fun Town" is massive something, which is loosing the catch point. What do you think?
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