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@usyda1 (125)
February 17, 2008 3:28pm CST
why does when i trasfer money to ther paypal account. it does not send it as instant. it send it as e-cheque that takes 10 working days. i would like to know why does my paypal account send it as instant that take a secound and also when i recive money they can send it as instant. so why cant i send instant another thing is it to do with my debitcard that i have put with paypal. please help.
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
22 Feb 08
Ok, let me try & explain this so you understand how PayPal actually works :) It IS an instant payment if you have available funding in your PayPal account - mine has every time. However, if you send an amount from your PayPal account that has to come from your bank account (if there are no actual funds in your PayPal account) then it is classed as an e-cheque because they try & get the funds from your bank account, to your PayPal account & depending on if you have enough in there then it goes to the other person. So yeah, it's only an e-cheque if the funding has to come from the account hooked up to your PayPal account. If your e-cheque is denied, then you obviously don't have enough money in your account or you have the wrong card or account information entered in there, the account information should be updated - whether it just be that you've been issued a new card & have to alter the expirey date or something as small as that. Hopefully that has helped you some :)
@usyda1 (125)
6 Mar 08
hi this help great
@kikker69 (19)
• United States
18 Feb 08
do have there debit card ? or is your bank slow andfee pron these are some of the reasons...