How do you arrange your cupboards in your kitchen at home?

United States
@shaggin (8748)
February 17, 2008 9:36pm CST
my kitchen cupboard - Here is a picture of the way my kitchen cupboard is organized so you can see for yourself in case my description isnt very easy to understand.
This might be a weird questions but I'm curious as to how other people organize there kitchen cupboards at home. My one cupboards above the countertop area I rearrange all the time. Do you just toss clean cups in there and dig around for one you want or do you organize them a certain way. I have all the things I don't use often like muffin pans up on the very top shelf. The middle shelf holds the tall glasses as well as large bowls and my childrens plastic bowls. The bottom shelf lol is my favorite. On the left I keep my childrens cups and bottles etc. Then to the right of that I have small dessert bowls, then small plates then bowls. Then on the right side is the large plates and childrens plates. Above those are hooks that hold the cups.