The Simpsons Quiz

February 17, 2008 10:16pm CST
Ok, so here's a quiz for all you simpsons fans! 1.What drink does Bart make for the mobsters? 2.Who is the first person to make a wish on the monkey paw? 3.According to the Duff Brewery Tour guide, what had a batch of Duff beer been contaminated with? 4.What alias "last name" do the Simpsons go under to avoid Side Show Bob? 5.What name is spray painted all over Spring Field? 6.Where does Homer meet "Micael Jackson"? 7.Why is Homer declared insane? 8.Lisa+Maggie's favorite cartoon charactors? 9.Who is Krusty's father? 10.How old is Hans Moleman? Good Luck!
1 response
20 Apr 08
1.manhatton 2.maggie 3.duno 4.thompson 5.el barto 6.mad house (place for insane people) 7.he wore a pink shirt 8.those little elves i think 9.that rabbi 10.30 something