Whats the best NFS ever created

@MOnline (240)
February 18, 2008 7:51pm CST
Hi all, I was just wondering what is the best version of need for speed every created and why. I myself think the best version ever created was version 2 Need For Speed 2 SE. Why well mainly because of the cheatcodes. There were so many hidden vehicles like the dinosour and the flying sousor. What do you think is the best one? With kind regards, MOnline
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@Mbiba66 (50)
• South Africa
19 Feb 08
I would have to agree with Homer, NFS:MW was all in all the best NFS in the series.Great cars,great races and the cops were something else.I think Most Wanted was the best and now EA is going backwards and trying out new ideas which most NFS enthusiasts wont enjoy ie. Pro Street
@MOnline (240)
• Netherlands
19 Feb 08
I agree on the fact EA is going backwards. There just trying out these new ideas and I guess I don't like them. Also I really enjoyed NFS:Hot Persuit (its old I know but it was one of the best I think ;)). With kind regards, MOnline
• India
10 Dec 08
M O S T W A N T E D nothnig else!!
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
11 Jun 08
i think nfs underground 2 is the best game in the series after the classic game of need for speed hot pursuit which is the 3 of the seires
• India
30 Apr 08
the best nfs is caron and most wanted
• India
25 Apr 08
the best that is 1.mostwanted /carbon depends on u 2.nfs underground 2 3.pro street
@deadmr (52)
22 Mar 08
i just love need for speed most wanted half the time i dont even do any but drive around causeing well distuction :P
18 Mar 08
need for speed most wanted best of the lot. then need for speed underground 2
9 Mar 08
Need for Speed 2 was the best and the first game i've played in NFS series like ferrari F50 wow!... As time goes by, im delighted with Hot Pursuit 2 and Underground.. But now, i play NFS:most wanted black edition and its cool! still dominate on carbon and prostreet.. Like pimping your car to the max and chasing cops for 24 hours!!!wow! this is awesome
@dierdre (2213)
• Philippines
8 Mar 08
i like need for speed most wanted coz i loved the thrill of being chased by the police.
• India
8 Mar 08
i think according to the difficulty is concerned the NFS most wanted is the best.it is better than pro street and the NFS 2.
@vimalr (1)
1 Mar 08
i agree with homer...i love NFS:MW..it is coool...
@martus (122)
• Philippines
25 Feb 08
I definitely love the NFS:MW, the game is very thrilling especially the cop chase. I always thought if i could apply it in the real world, were im being chase by several cops driving lamborghini(i hope i spell it right). hehehe.
@homer265 (42)
• Canada
19 Feb 08
Well if its including like nfs:ps, nfs:mw, or nfs:c then I would say most wanted, because carbon is too short and easy, and prostreet is too long, it is pretty good though, but most wanted has good chases, nice cars, and it is the perfect length in gamewise.