Tupac Vs B.I.G

@Yotristo (145)
February 18, 2008 9:16pm CST
I have always loved Tupac. Very headstrong. As a teenager, I really loved the hard image and probably changed my attitude listening to Tupac. But as I grow older my sympathy starts going to Biggie. To clear the air, Biggie was an AMAZING rapper. While 2Pac made the huge statements that made him the Timeless figure he is 2day!~ (also great rapper). These guys were the best of the best of the best. Jay-z, 50, and all this crap today doesn't come close to the 2Pac/biggie Legend!Anyway, my point is that, now when I look back at it all, it kind of seemed like 2Pac was outta line.. He really made the end of BIGs life hell. Considering that Biggy did NOT kill 2Pac, nor start beef. He still paid for it with his life. & Not to mention the fear Biggie lived in for his last 18 months. Poor dude..
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