Lost luggage

February 18, 2008 10:33pm CST
Last year after my trip to Indonesia, my luggage got lost. The airline knew about it before we landed, as 8 people were called over the sound system to come to the lost and found department immediately after we landed. Apparently something had gone wrong during a transit in London. Now I know this can happen, but I couldn't get in touch with the company, simply because there were too many cases of lost luggage. Eventually, after a couple of months, I got a refund, but never got my stuff back. Afterward I was told that unacclaimed luggage gets sold per container in auctions. So someone is wearing my niece and nephew's presents somewhere, as well as my favorite t-shirt and shorts. I needed all the clothes in my luggage, as they were my work outfits for my Summer job. So I had to buy everything again at European prices, and if they HAD found my luggage back, I would have had a whooole lot of clothes. Do you feel that airlines get sloppier with luggage, or is it simply because more people travel that more lugage gets lost?
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• United States
19 Feb 08
I really think it is because there are a lot of people that things get lost or misdirected. Now if there are only 10 people on your flight and 8 of you lose your luggage I think it is time to hire some new employees but the only time I have ever had anything get lost is when the plane was packed and we were delayed for some reason before take off.