Emergency landings and Airline's responsabilities

February 18, 2008 10:50pm CST
Last November I flew to San Jose, Costa Rica. Because of bad weather conditions, the pilot tried to land 2 times and then decided to land in Panama City since we were running out of fuel. He's responsible for about 400 lives, so I can deal with his decission. However, what happened next was unbelievable. After staying in the plane for another hour to see whether the weather conditions would change, the flight got cancelled and we had to stay the night in PC. We landed in PC at 5.30, and at 2.15 in the morning (at no pint were we given food nor WATER), I got assigned a hotel room in what can only be described as the ghetto of PC. Ok, it's just for sleeping, but that's not the worst part. Sinec there weren't enough rooms, 4 people who had never met had to share a room. Still ok. There were 2 beds in each room. So they basically forced people who didn't know each other to sleep in the same bed. In another room, 4 girls (again, who did not know each other) had to share 1 bed! The plane had been sealed, so nobody had spare clothes and everybody had to wear the same (by now rather smelly) clothes for the last leg to San Jose. After contacting the airline (IBERIA), they said their responsability lies only in getting the people a bed. Should I file a complaint, or is this normal behaviour?
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@maximax8 (28560)
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19 Feb 08
Oh my! That sounds like a nightmare like flight. I can understand that the pilot was wise to land in Panama City as the plane was running out of fuel. Having flown to Tunisia in very rough weather I know how worried the pilot most have been. I think that you were all messed around by the airline that was waiting to see if the weather did improve. It is awful that they didn't give you and the other passengers food of water. Then it is awful that you were all put in an over crowed hotel. People that don't know each other shouldn't have been forced to sleep in the same bed! It is bad that none of you could get a change of clothes before successfully flying onto San Jose. Is Iberia a Spanish airline? If so I think I would complain to them about having to sleep in a bed with a stranger. Good luck.