What are your pet peeves?????

@icyorchid (2564)
United States
February 19, 2008 8:12am CST
My hubby was home yesterday (no one showed up at work, so he come home) any way, he knew I wanted to go to the grocery store where I get several things cheaper than I wuold have at the other store I was at on Saturday, and he said we would go after lunch, ok no problem. He went back to sleep, I woke him at noon and he said in a bit, ok no problem. I finally woke him up at 3pm and told him I wasn't going because it was a waisted day and I was not happy. Pet Peeve is waiting ALL DAY to do what I need to do! Are there other men out there like this??????? I mean I would rather get done what needs to be early and then rest the rest of the day!
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• United States
20 Feb 08
My husband used to be liked that.Then if it was somewhere he wanted to go.He expects me to drop everything and go immediately.But I took care of this problem.I don't wait on him.I tell him i'm going and if he wants to go he better hurry up.Of course I also drive so I can leave with out him.It works, we like to go to the auction on Sat.Morning and I like to get there early so you can look and also to get a good seat so you can see.But he was always dragging his feet and being slow.So I started leaving and telling him see you there.It got him moving alot faster.
@jason1287 (151)
• United States
20 Feb 08
my worst pet peeve is the way my girlfriend stirs noodles. the sound it makes literally drives me into running upstairs.
@katcarneo (1433)
• Philippines
19 Feb 08
I totally hate it when: -I'm in line in a store or fast food restaurant and the person in front of me encounters some problem or makes some complaints that my wait is prolonged. -I get into a public toilet and I see the lady before me stepped on the toilet seat and the soles of her shoes are clearly printed. -The people getting on the subway won't give way to the people getting off. -Darn people always listening to music on their ipods all the time that they couldn't hear me when I ask them to hand over my fare to the driver (normal if you are riding in a Philippine jeepney---the people will pass your money along until it reaches the driver) or if i say excuse me or something. -Customer service people who can't answer my questions about their products. -When I keep losing my things. And the list goes on and on