Stolen Laptops at Best Buy

United States
February 19, 2008 8:59am CST
Well Ladies and Gentleman I have heard of store being neglegent before but never to this extent. The lady left her malfunctioning computer at best buy for repairs May 25, 2007 and was put through hoops and eventually was told that it was stolen.!!!! How do you steal something from Best Buy that was brought in for repairs? Going further into this she ends up in a court battle currently for 54 million dollars. Best buy broke and violated several laws that they should have taken seriously one was to tell her that it was stolen immediately to protect the consumer from identity theft. Not best buy they took from may to august before telling her on August 9th that the cmputer was missing .. Wow what could have happpen to her identity from that time period? Now to go on best buy continually lied and fabricated records as not to get caught .. How did they think this lady was not going to catch them in the lie? I'm eventually you have to give back the computer, right? This makes my head spin and see red when companies mess up and then try to cover it up.. But anyhow here is the blog spot of what has been transpiring from may and I think that if you read this you'll understand what is going on better the web article that I read that actually sent me to the blogspot. This will show you what this poor woman has been going through. What do you think should be done to best buy for how they handled this situation and opened up one of their customers to have identity theft? I don't want to know wether you think the amount that she is sueing for is to high. I want to know about how you would feel as a consumer having this happen to you and them not taking responsibility. ? Do you think Best buy needs to change how the handle repairs? Let me know what you think after reading the blog spot and if your interested here is the article on the web it doesn't give any informatin details.
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@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
19 Feb 08
hi bella! wow, that's crazy. well, i think a case in court should well compensate for that. and of course, best buy should train their people well. take care and God bless you always! :-)
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• United States
19 Feb 08
Hi spoiled I totally agree.. take care and have a nice day hun :)!!!