Have you been away from home hurt through the body of christ?

February 19, 2008 9:49am CST
I moved 2 year ago and got in with these so called christians and i met jesus, last year i in 2006 i got baptised. Since then i have been judged gossiped about and stabbed in the back, now i dont just mean by baby christain who are just learing im talking about teacher, preachers, and very gifted people in the gifts of the spirit. now when anybody mentions christianity i go of on one, because of the pain and the anger. I love jesus but i wont go out of my house and now i just want to spend my time with him and with him alone, everything i thought before i let theses people suck me in has come true and what hurts the most is the fact they are worse than the world. At leaset non belivers you know where you stand but i dont want to be part of the world and i dont want to be part of the body of christ. i just want jesus is that wrong? people say you need the body of christ. have you been hurt through the church? if so what did you do about it?
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• United States
19 Feb 08
I have been involved with a variety of churches over the years. In some the leadership was part of the problem in the church. In other churches the leadership did their best to correct problems, inluding those created by back-biting and infighting members. In most of Paul's letters to churches he had to address problems that had developed. Even in churches like Corinth where gifts of the Spirit were active, the people were not really living according to the Word of God. I believe the New Testament makes it clear that we should not forsake getting together with other believers. But maybe you need to find another church or group of believers to get together with. Don't limit yourself to a particular denomination. Maybe you can find a Bible believing church that actually demonstrates a love of God AND a love for one another.