The one thing im dreading

United States
February 19, 2008 2:34pm CST
Well this is kinda sad which im not sad right now just dreading the future. I have never lost anyone close to me. The first would be my grandparents, They are still here today and both losing their healths quickly, My grandma who is obese and has been since she had her kids she also has a problem with dibeates (which would be much better if she was obese as the same with most of her problems) well she gets blood clots, so she has to take a blood thinner, she can walk but its hard on her, she walks on her ankles I dont know what its called but it happens to some people i think thats heraditary. Anyways she is still her and seems like she could be heathyier if she lost weight and live for a number more years. My papa was the healthy one, was in the Army travelled a lot to Saudia Areabia and places like that, was in his garden a lot, had a business in electronics, fixed lawnmowers, walked every morning, had a bee farm, played golf, You would of thought he would live forever untill the tumor on his brain, now he cant hardly walk, go to the bathroom on his own, He stares off into space a lot, messy when he eats, almost like a baby, He has theripist come in 3 times a week trying to make it better and it has made some progress. The worse part is they just recently moved to Kentucky from Texas 900 miles away from me and not 15 anymore. My mom went with them and my little sister, my whole family (well my dad is here but i dont associate with him and that family much) I miss them and in this time in my life I cant really afford the time and money to go and see them often at all. I miss them. So sorry about the long story but what is something your dreading if anything?
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