30 Games left in the NBA season( for the Lakers). How many will the Lakers Win?

United States
February 19, 2008 3:00pm CST
I think likely they will go 23 and 7... and im sure a few of those losses will be close ones... What I am hoping however is that KB's finger does not become a blatant issue. Seeing as how the west is so mighty, it is almost unfathomable, that the lakers make the playoffs or get a high position, with out the help of Bryant. The Lakers dilema is not a question of being good or not, the fear is that the team hits turbulance at this late stage, and begin to loose in the ones that they should. Like tomorrow with the Hawks (I think their motivation will come from loosing to them in the nine game trip...) The records are so brilliant in the west, that you can have a great record and still be left of the playoff bracket. According to what Phil said in an interview.. he expects the Lakers to get a 55 to 60 win record... and for that to occur, you surely need a productive Kobe. So Im hoping for a 58 wins and 24 loss record... and hope that it will be good enough...