30 Games left in the NBA season( for the Lakers). How many will the Lakers Win?

United States
February 19, 2008 3:00pm CST
I think likely they will go 23 and 7... and im sure a few of those losses will be close ones... What I am hoping however is that KB's finger does not become a blatant issue. Seeing as how the west is so mighty, it is almost unfathomable, that the lakers make the playoffs or get a high position, with out the help of Bryant. The Lakers dilema is not a question of being good or not, the fear is that the team hits turbulance at this late stage, and begin to loose in the ones that they should. Like tomorrow with the Hawks (I think their motivation will come from loosing to them in the nine game trip...) The records are so brilliant in the west, that you can have a great record and still be left of the playoff bracket. According to what Phil said in an interview.. he expects the Lakers to get a 55 to 60 win record... and for that to occur, you surely need a productive Kobe. So Im hoping for a 58 wins and 24 loss record... and hope that it will be good enough...
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@slavezero (835)
• Philippines
21 Feb 08
kobe must stay healthy in order for the lakers to win games and gain an advantage at playoffs. kobe is the heart and soul of the lakers if he goes down the lakers will also go down. i don't think pau gasol or andrew bynum or lamar odom can carry the lakers team without kobe. no question the new lakers with the addition of pau gasol makes them one of the team to beat. they now have a lot of firepower. the lakers now have more options at the offensive end. if kobe is off or is being hardly covered they can go at the post on either pau or andrew and lamar. the lakers now is truly a scary team.
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@petebaja (516)
• Mexico
20 Feb 08
Kobe has to be healthy for the Lakers to reach that plateau. Like you, I am confident that they will win at least 20 of their last 30 games (barring any key injuries). Since mid-season, and the emergence of Bynum as a presence in the post, the Lakers have been gaining self-confidence. This looks like a young team that believes it can win the championships. This isn't the Lakers of a couple of years ago who where just happy to make the playoffs. These guys truly believe. Derek Fisher coming back during the off-season was a big help. He won 3 championships with this team and is truly a leader and clutch performer. Farmar coming off an excellent rookie season is proving that he's immune to the sophomore jinx. Lamar Odom is doing his thing. A good sidekick to Bryant. Dependable, reliable, not spectacular, but functions as he is needed. Ronnie Turiaf is a key player off the bench as is Radmanovic and Vujacic. And of course, the recent acquisition of Pau Gasol from Memphis has just given a boost to this already surging Laker team. You bring up one good point - injuries. If they manage to stay healthy, they can and will win more than 20 of their last 30 games of the season. As far as your concern of the team hitting turbulence this time of year, I wouldn't worry about it. As I mentioned earlier, this isn't the old Lakers who were just happy to make the 8th seed of the playoffs. These bunch are a hungry and confident bunch. See you at the Finals Boston! (or Detroit?!)
• Philippines
27 Feb 08
the lakers doesnt need to win a lot of games because the playoffs is the real deal if they have a good record in the playoffs they have a big chance to retake the title.
• Philippines
26 Feb 08
lakers is the best team in this season,kobe bryant is like possesing the ability of michael jordan that can lead his own team,with gasol and the up comming dwight howard's counterpart, Bynum.
@freyah (1)
• China
26 Feb 08
i think KB is a wonderful player that his desire for wins will surely overcomes all the pain he is suffering, especailly his finger.as we know there are plenty of players that have good body and skill, but most of which can only show up for a year or so,why, they still don't get the skill to protect themselves and to lengthen their career,it is the most important.we can easily see this through the comparation between KB and Tracy Macgrady,several years ago ,both of them are excellent players and we all hoping that they can be onebody that can achieve the degree like micheal gordon,but things is that KB is much successful, cause he know to protect himself and his spirits can usually support him and give him endless energy.KB said he will delay the operation till the Omlypic 2008 and the playoff ,i am sure he can make it,and he certainly will.~ lakers are hoping to be the champion in this playoff, but i am still worry about Andre Bynum, he has a properous future if he is healthy, really worry he will get injured again in this season,anyway,i like lakers ,i like Kobe.
@argie713 (1809)
• Philippines
23 Feb 08
I think the Lakers is one of the best teams in the NBA right now. Once Bynum recovers from his injury, they will be a force to be reckoned with during the playoffs. The West is a very tough conference. Anybody could win in the West and the trades that are happening are favoring the West.