Why are women never satisfied with themselves?

United States
February 19, 2008 5:29pm CST
It's amazing! Tall women prefer to be shorter, short women prefer to be taller. I have straight hair and wish it was curly. Some with brown eyes prefer blue, larger breasts, smaller waists. Why can't we be satisfied with what we have?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
19 Feb 08
I guess it is human nature really the grass is alwayd greener type thing, women see other women with certain attributes they they find attractive and would like to have, I for one used to be very skinny and went on something that made me put on weight now years later I wish I could be thinner, ahhhh never happy... :)
@sallysue (326)
• Canada
20 Feb 08
Hi: Your asking the age old question, I don't think it has to deal with woman only. I think that it is just human nature.
• United States
22 Feb 08
Might it be linked to low self esteem? I know weight can. Things we want to change about ourselves, we obviously don't like. If we don't like it then we must be self conscious about it.
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@madlees (1381)
• India
22 Feb 08
When one sees the models with their pretty face and other attributes, all start thinking they are the most pretty ones. But beauty is only skin deep, it is the inner mind that counts. If you have a beautiful mind you'll be pretty, atleast to me and many others. They have a glow on their face which the beauty parlour visits cannot bring. I am short and chubby but have been called nice looking, cute looking and sometimes attractive etc.. so beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, don't you think so?