Do you join NEW sites?

@lorelai (1558)
February 20, 2008 6:06am CST
I came across several new ptc sites lately and some of them have payment proofs like the one you can find in my profile if you click on my web site and some of them don't but I see that people are still joining. I know that they only way to earn money online is by getting referrals no matter which program you are using but don't really trust to new sites because they can disappear much more easily than proven sites like and dailyclicks. So my question for you is how do you decide to join a site or not if it is new. I hate investing a lot of time in a site and then find out it's a scam.
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@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
22 Feb 08
These sites ae so many lorelai, remember the one i joined under you?-was it eurokidis or something? I started well but just couldnt follow a thing due to the language barrier-I dont know any French! Has it continued to pay you? Well it is very difficult to tell wether a site is going to stand the test of time or not-but I think the other problem also is that people who who get involved with sites on first sight move too fast to refer others but at the end of the day, many have joined only to see the site disappear! Frankly speaking, the only genuine site I know is mylot and that makes me very sad because there are so many out there but they all seem to be scams!
@ruthinian (2311)
• United States
20 Feb 08
I am new here too. And I dont really know which site is legit or not. But what I know now... there is a site I joined couple of days back. I was so happy about it (though I have not earned anything yet and not really after the money, I just love to write) but yesterday I was disappointed because the TOP LISTER/EARNER of the site told me tha I AM NOT WELCOME there because I am a splogger. I posted a 7 blogs in a day because I wanted to share my write-ups and besides the guy before me had 20 in a row. So I though it was ok. Apparently, it's not. So I just dont think I wanted to go back there. I was hurt.