If you are a girl/boy?....Questions for females and males!! (1st part)

October 30, 2006 12:27pm CST
Guys: 1) what feature do u notice first about a girl? her simle,her body,her attitude,her hair,her clothes!!! 2) How aggressive do u like a girl to be who likes u? Flirt with me,Have a friend tell me she likes me,Ask me out,Let me make the first move,Get to know me as a friend first 3)What's a girl's hottest part? (What feature do you find most attractive / notice first on a girl?) Eyes,Smile,Hair,Nose,Ears,Eyelashes Girls: 1) What do you notice first about a guy? His clothes,His smile,His hair,His body,His attitude 2) How aggressive do you like a guy to act who likes you? Flirt,Tell me straight out he likes me,Have a friend talk to me,Casually ask me out,Get to know me as a friend first 3) For a first date, where do you like to go? Just coffee or something short,Dinner,Dinner and a movie,A party or dancing,A sporting event,A picnic or the beach Note: please use the questions numbers for your answers,( you will find the 2nd questions part in my folder)
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