What are you thinking exactly at this moment?

February 20, 2008 7:09am CST
Right now,you are sitting in front of the computer,looking blankly at the screen,scheming through the topics.But at this moment,what is the special thought that is going on at the back of your head.Nothing dirty please.
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@gemini_rose (16193)
20 Feb 08
I am thinking that I am having a lot of trouble trying to get in the frame of mind to find something useful to say to peoples discussions it is really hard for me today. I am also thinking that if I do not get to the loo in the next 2 minutes then I am going to have an accident!! Better go.
• France
23 Feb 08
This is the funniest one yet!
@Graagh (95)
• United States
26 Feb 08
What am I thinking, sitting here in front of the computer, looking blankly at the screen? What IS that special thought in the back of my head? I can't tell. Thinking about thinking is just strange. Like it'll break the system or something. Of course, that doesn't make sense. Clearly I'm not broken (yet!) just by thinking about what I'm thinking. I mean, you can get a computer to tell you what processes it is doing... this is like that, I suppose. Maybe. Kind of. Things are hard to describe when they exist only in thoughts and not in words. I wonder if my thoughts are even in words. I guess they must be, or I wouldn't be able to put them out, but maybe they aren't and I'm converting them each time. Can I think in multiple languages? I think I've done so before. Thinking about it, there is a name for that idea. I can't remember it. Well, that's just a bit of what I thought.
@xialinye (1403)
• China
23 Feb 08
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@dette47 (19)
20 Feb 08
Basically, if I have enough money to last until my husband next gets paid.
@madlees (1381)
• India
20 Feb 08
I was thinking how to choose the discussions which I will be able to answer nicely. Yours was the first one which caught my eyes. I was searching for something interesting... What would you do if you were in my place? I was also wondering what is this yellow star about. I had only seen red and blue till now.
@shoumik12 (176)
• Bangladesh
20 Feb 08
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