Are you an impatient person?

@lorelai (1558)
February 20, 2008 8:57am CST
Well I have never considered myself to be impatient. I can wait for people when they are late, I can wait for exam results for a week or even more...etc, but today I am really impatient. I am a member of one ptc site which pays 2 cents per ad, I need 12 more cents to reach the payout and it is going to be my first payout there and the proof that the site is actually paying (there are proofs on the site but I prefer getting paid by myself) Anyway, I have 5 referrals there and sometimes they click and sometimes they don't. I need 6 more clicks from them, because I have already clicked myself. So I am checking the site every 5 minutes too see if they have finally clicked and it's killing me when I see that they haven't? Can someone please join this site under me and click available ads so that I reach my payment for the first time. The site is called adwin and you would have to go to my profile here on mylot then click on my web site and register, then click on surf ads, ads are white. I'd be really grateful and I'd let you know when they pay me, they say they pay within 7 business days.
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