Can you describe the first time you fell in love?

February 20, 2008 12:36pm CST
Well, I can't remember anymore. I had so many crushes during my elementary and high school years. I think most of them were puppy love. The one thing I can't forget is my first love. I can't describe the feelings I had on him when I first saw him after four years. I knew him already because his family is closed with us. I never thought that he liked me also. When I saw his smile. I forgot everything around me. It seemed the world is in slow motion. I don't see anybody else only him. I was dreaming, cloud nine. I wanted to be always with him. From the moment I woke-up until I slept at night no one else was on my mind: my first love. Every moment we spent together was so memorable and unending time for us. We we're so in love. I wanted to spent the rest of my life with him. I never thought that we end-up so soon. That was my biggest heartbreak. He cheated on me. He was forced to marry his pregnant girlfriend. That's the way in our country. When the girl is pregnant then her boyfriend must marry her for their coming child. I think he's happy now with his wife and 3 children.
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• China
21 Feb 08
I do understand your feelings. My first love is sad too. It happened on the train when I when to my university after summer holiday five years ago. A boy interested me by his humor and knowledge. You know, I had never been familiar with Internet at that time, and he was a web admin. I admired him very much but that is not love. After we left with each other, we occasionally chat online or communicated by email. And monthes later, he told me that he liked me. He was the first boy who said "like you" to me until then. So I was shocked. Then I was moved by him and fell in love with him. Because of his work, he went further place from me. I miss him very much but we can do nothing except making phone call. Later, he suddenlly disappeared for a long time. When I finally found his contact info and got touch with him again, he told me that he had has a new girl freind woring in his company and hoped I pay my attention to my study. I was break-hearted and my sky was black. It took me nearly for one year to get over it. Now I have graduated and work in a new city and I have my new boyfreind. Our relationship is getting stable. And I have heard of his sad resultes with his girl freind. Sometimes I think of this experence, but I know, game has been over and let bygones be bygones! So, cheer up and enjoy your life now, you must be the best!
• Netherlands
21 Feb 08
Thanks, we learned from our experiences. There were experiences that we can't forget. It was not meant to be. Be happy what we have now.
@NCgirl (488)
• Philippines
2 Mar 08
Yeah I can still remember. We would always think that we'd end up with our first love. I meet him in college and we're friends and we get to see each other by chance with our department's seminars and meetings. And what a coincidence, is that when I find out that we both have common friends. That time he was dating this girl already. We remain friends, but from the start I knew he already liked me. Then just one day we talked and he confided his feelings for me. And I told him the same. Another coincidence, he and his girl broke up. So went on with our relationship and took it to another level. My mom doesnt like him,but I fought for him. To make the story short, he cheated on me. He got his ex pregnant and he has to marry her. I was so hearbroken. He offered me to go away, just me and him and start a life. I said no, not him being a future father soon. And so we move on to our own lives, he have two kids already,but he still tells me he loves me and miss me, the last I talked to him as friends. I want to continue my friendship with him, but I dont want his wife to be jealous and curse
• China
5 Mar 08
I think you are still innocent, the only way to protect you from his wife's hurt is keep away from him. Because love is selfish, nobody like someone else to share his or her loves. And you will have your own happy life in future, what you need is to forget him and persue the one who love you. Actually, perhaps you also know that he cheats you, but you would not like to trust your heart at the moment. You must love yourself more. Wish you find your happiness soon!
@nanayangel (7859)
• Philippines
30 Mar 08
Hi there joyangz32! I remember just seeing him walk by and helped my father fix his tricycle. I remember feeling really different and wanting to see him after that day. I wanted to know more about him then to become his friend. I really love talking about him and can talk all day if he's the topic of the conversation.
27 Mar 08
this whole thing about love is an illusion only existing in the mind you can choose to move on
@CrazyPop (52)
• Italy
19 Mar 08
I remember anymore of my first love, like if it had been yesterday! It's an unforgettable memories, even if was enchanged love, it had not worked, because nobody of our has made the first step and I mourm to have mistaken.