Your reaction to it.

@RigelK (46)
February 21, 2008 3:04am CST
How did you react to the story. I know for the first hundred pages I was bored, but the something happened, I got involved in it. At the end I was bawlin' my eyes out, but I wasn't even thinking about anything in the book. I was thinking about my Grandmother who died when I was 13.
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@gandatwo (602)
• Australia
21 Feb 08
Have not read the book,I did view the movie about two years ago.Spencer Tracy played the old man,I just loved it, must read the book,spoted a copy of it about a year ago in an old book store,very possibly gone now. Books are so much more detailed then movies.Very natural for you to think of your Grandmother,I am betting she was right there beside you whilst you read. You have great taste!