Pirates of Carebian (POC) 4

February 21, 2008 5:32am CST
im waiting for the forth part of POC but there is no news till yet regarding this, please inform me regarding thus if u have any idea............. n what u think abt POC.................
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• United States
21 Feb 08
Well, I've been doing some digging and what I've come up with suggests this may not be the long awaited installment of the POC series we've been waiting for. Talk is that Keira Knightley will not return to play Elizabeth. According to her, she's on to other things because she's been playing this character since she was 17 and wants a change. The talk from the studio/director side is that they're going to drop the Will/Elizabeth characters all together and focus solely on Jack Sparrow. It looks like the next movie may end up being a buddy film between Barbossa and Sparrow... I love Johnny Depp, and his character Jack Sparrow is incredible. However, I'm not sure he's strong enough to support an entire movie, much less three more, himself. Don't know...will just have to wait and see.