How many years do students stay in school in your country?

@katcarneo (1442)
February 21, 2008 6:44am CST
In the Philippines, students spend one year in kindergarten, six years in elementary school, and four years in high school before they go to college and study on an average of four years. We have no middle school/junior high. So a student typically spends 15 years in school. If he or she will take up majors like Engineering, or medicine, of course it would take a lot longer. I asked because I have been told by many of my Korean students that they're surprised we don't have middle school.Korean kids study in kindergaten, elementary school for six years, middle school for three years, high school for three years, before they go to college. How about in your country?
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• United States
21 Feb 08
Here in the states some kids go to head start/preschool for a year and then kindergarten for a year. Grade school is 1-5th, middle school is 6-8, and High School is 9-12. Then some will go to college which is another 4-6 years. Most of us spend 13 years in school..without college, or 17-19 years with college. The only diffrence is we go to middle school and you dont. We spend a few more years in school than you do.
@katcarneo (1442)
• Philippines
12 Oct 11
We now have the K+12 Education system---Kindergarten, 6 years of elementary school, 4 years or middle school, and 2 years of high school. Certain priivate institutions are already implementing this. Public schools have not, and the system is getting strong resistance from the people. Additional years in school means additional expenses and the common people are not too happy about that.
@goldwin65 (937)
• Malaysia
10 Mar 08
In my country we spend 1 - 2 years in kindergarden, six years in Primary school and another 5 years in Secondary school. Then continue for another 2 years in Lower and Upper Sixth, which is consider as pre-University level. After that the student either join Public Universities or Private Universities for another 4 - 7 years, depending on the courses for First Degree and another 2 years for Master Degree.
@maximax8 (28925)
• United Kingdom
5 Mar 08
In the UK, many children go to nursery school when they are three and they begin school in the reception class at a primary school when they are four. They have seven years at this school between the ages of four and eleven. Then they go to secondary school and this lasts for five years. They are allowed to leave school at sixteen but many students go on to sixth form education. That lasts usually for two years but some students spend one years retaking their exams. As an alternative to the sixth form students can go to college until they are eighteen. Most degree courses at university last for three years. So the law says children must be schooled between the ages of five and sixteen but younger than this is the choice of the parents and after this is it often the choice of the student.