Nokia bothering customers

February 21, 2008 7:09am CST
Doesn't it bother you that nokia just keeps on releasing new phones every month.I do not see what is especially new about the new models. N82 is just N95 with a new look. N73 is just N70 with a newer look.Doesn't it feel bad that just a week after you've bought a new phone,it goes obsolete as a newer phone has come out.Don't you think that instead of releasing new sets they should provide softwares that help update and improve the existing sets?
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@katcarneo (1442)
• Philippines
21 Feb 08
I'm not exactly a very techie person but I felt exactly how you do a few years ago, and I got to thinking that it's probably all part of a business strategy. At that time, camera phones were out and were very popular. Of course, the pictures that come out were not very clear, but people bought them anyway. Then just months later, the company released a phone with a higher-resolution camera, and I was like "Why didn't they just perfect the model first so that when it was released, it was already a high-quality camera phone?" And then the new models came out one after another, each once just a little bit better than its predecessor, and now, like what you said, there's hardly any difference at all. And the people keep selling or trading their old phones to get the latest. I have a well-loved Nokia 7260 which was released in 2004, and it's still working well for me.I didn't change i for a longtime because I diddn't see a need for it. I can call, send SMS, check e-mail. Although it doesn't have a good camera, it doesn't matter since I have a separate digital camera anyway. I also have an MP4 now, so I use the Nokia for its FM radio function. However,I work in Makati, my country's central business district,and everybody else has got flashy phones. SOmetimes when I run into somebody I know from college and we exchange numbers, my phone looks like a joke next to theirs. Just two weeks ago I bought a Motorola PDA phone and the seller told me that the good thing about PDA phones is that they don't depreciate so quickly. I couldn't agree more.But I still love and use my old Nokia.
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