Teacher abusing their power and authority, what do you think of them?

@ritchel (890)
February 21, 2008 8:24am CST
He comes always late but we need to wait for him. We don't have any other choice but now it is getting worst because he is always absent. When his students are late he would not even consider. He is fond of making alibis. He is just so frustrating. What will we do? As if we don't have power or guts for the moment to report him because our grades are at stake. Goshhh...any suggestions?
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@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
21 Feb 08
If you know you are in the right path, by all means have the courage to act. You can report the incident to his superior in a formal letter signed by you and your classmates. Let the letter be signed and received by the office. Or you can record an actual meeting with the teacher doing that bad stuff to you!
@ritchel (890)
• Philippines
22 Feb 08
Too bad the superior is quite a problem also. As if he is blind and mute of what's happening. In fact, he knows everything. There was a time when classmates of mine did that letter thing and give it to our superior but it was never realized. Until now, those teachers that they wanted to be out of the school is still here. The other teacher I am talking to is another teacher. You know, there are a lot of s* teachers in our department. As if we are just wasting our money paying them. I don't know why they hire them. There should have a good test before they will be accepted. Students should also be given the right to choose whose teacher to accept.