BRUNCH versus Breakfast and Lunch

February 21, 2008 9:00am CST
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But sometimes, we tend to skip it due to our busy sked. So in a day, is eating BRUNCH then DINNER better? Or we should still complete the 3 MEALS IN A DAY criteria?
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@Uniz07 (12)
22 Feb 08
Can it be just breakfast and lunch? Because I dont eat dinner much.
22 Feb 08
Sometimes I try that too! But i end up getting hungry and wake up in the middle of the night.
• United States
21 Feb 08
I really think it has more to do with how active we are. Breakfast became considered the most important meal of the day when the men would have to get up and do farm work or chop down trees or heard animals of do real heavy physical manual labor all day. They would eat a huge breakfast to have enough energy to make it to dinner time. If you eat 6 eggs, 12 pieces of sausage, 4 pieces of toast, and drink a glass or milk and a glass of OJ and sit on your butt all day at your job you are going to end up weighing 300 pounds. I eat a piece of fruit and drink a glass of milk for breakfast then eat a small lunch a mid afternoon snack and decent dinner and have a night time snack of like a bowl of cereal or pretzels or something not loaded down with fat. I have all the energy I need for my day doing it that way.
21 Feb 08
Wow! Thanks for sharing! I haven't tried cereals at night coz I that's what I eat during the morning. But I will definitely try what you said about piece of fruit and milk for breakfast, then having light lunch, and then decent dinner! Thanks again!
• Philippines
21 Feb 08
oh, if i'd do that that'd be two big meals in a day.. It won't work for me.. I'm trying to have few, small, meals.. and servings in a day..
21 Feb 08
Yeah, i think so too... Few small meals are definitely better than two big meals which would make me gain even more weight. Eek! Thanks for the response!