help my basement flooded!!!

United States
@lbinkley (1079)
February 21, 2008 10:19am CST
So, I was getting ready to leave yesterday and when I went to put my dogs in the basement.. I see that there was at least a good 4 inches of water in there, because my sump pump quit working!!!!! It was awful! Problem is though, now that it is all draining out I need to go down there and assess the damage. I had 2 treadmills that were submerged, furniture, boxes of clothes, Christmas ornaments. I am just wondering how long I should wait before I see if the electric stuff was fried or can dry out, how to I get my basement dry in the middle of winter? There's no ventilation unless I open a window, and then all the water will freeze! Also, what type of stuff is saveable and what should I say just forget it and add that to my insurance claim? I had a lot of stuff down there and almost everything was submerged. Sooo.... anyone else been through this? How did you go about cleaning up? Also... how long did it take, and do you still have a mildew scent in your basement? I don't even wanna begin to tackle this yet... :(