Did anyone watch the Lunar Eclipse last night?

@cortjo73 (6500)
United States
February 21, 2008 10:36am CST
I watched most of it. I stopped watching when my eyes started getting stressed. Keeping them that concentrated was starting to tire them out. And, looking up like that was taking a tole on my neck. Plus, I needed to take a shower. I saw it until there was just a sliver left of the moon. I missed the total black out part of it. But, it was almost entirely red with the smallest sliver of shiny white when I finally had enough. There was a red line in my right eye from the stress. It is better this am but, whew! My right eye was looking pretty red last night. Plus, the clouds were driving me crazy. Why is it always cloudy in my area when we have an eclipse?
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@valerie37 (981)
• Christiansburg, Virginia
21 Feb 08
No, I had totally forgotten all about it. Although as cloudy as it was here last night I probably couldn't have seen it anyway.
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@cortjo73 (6500)
• United States
21 Feb 08
I can program calendar reminders into my cell phone so, that is how I remembered it last night. I didn't even know about it until they mentioned it on my favorite radio station yesterday morning on my way to work. The clouds did make seeing it a challenge. There were few breaks in the clouds and they tended to play tricks on my eyes last night after staring at the moon for about a half hour.