Can you develop an Operating System using JAVA?

February 21, 2008 2:15pm CST
I am wondering, can i use java do develop an operating system? If no, then what language is the best when it comes to operating system software?
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@martus (122)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
I think yes, you can develop an operating system using java. One of the example of it, if i'm not mistaken is the Solaris. But the best use to develop an operating system will be C or C++.
• Indonesia
2 Mar 08
thanks. I will have a look.
@mr_mlk (364)
6 Aug 08
Solaris is not written in Java. It is C/C++.
@am_mad (57)
• Egypt
21 Feb 08
java no, c++ and c# can do it
@mr_mlk (364)
6 Aug 08
You can't do an OS in C# either. You could do a reasonable chunk in C# or Java, but both would require a native bootloader (likey C or C++)
@tisty2008 (158)
• China
7 Aug 08
It's possible but I think Java is not suitiable to develop an operating system.Although some system above is taken out,I think the core must be build with C or C++ or even the assemble.
@mr_mlk (364)
6 Aug 08
JNode and SavaJE are two OS written largely in Java. It is unlikely that you could write an OS in 100% Java, it would require a Java-enabled chip (these exist) that would be able to boot up in Java mode, and know what Java class to start up. I don't think this currently exists. As to Java on the desktop (Intel PCs), then you will require a bootloader (normally written in C) that kicks starts the JVM.
• India
18 May 08
No,Java cannot be used to develop an OS.It has to be C - the grand ancestor of Java.System level programming is best handled by C.Even the Oracle Database is built using the C language.
• India
29 Mar 08
no u can in java , for making a OS the best language is C language
• Hyderabad, India
18 Mar 08
Nutshell scripting is the only language which can be used for optimal CGI. This language is taught by sun network.